Director’s Board Video & Film Productions is a company that caters to anything that requires creativity and art direction – from concepts, storyboards, directing, editing, from main production to post-production work.


With more than 17 years of experience in the advertising industry, we provide clients with quality work while keeping the costs within our clients' budget.



The first task of communications is to shed light on insights relevant to the product, service and its target market. Director’s Board boasts of lengthy experience in a variety of industries; this lights the way to a deep and clear-view understanding of marketing and creative development.

On the other hand, knowledge about the industry doesn’t make us act heavily about it. Production is toil enough for advertising practitioners and advertisers alike. The way to proceed successfully is to proceed lightly and with a collaborative attitude. At Director’s Board, we build a strong and positive bond with the production crew, agency people as well as our clients. This allows us to find the best production solutions, trim costs and work lightning fast.



The camera is akin to a point of view, an opinion, a perspective. It chooses what it sees and what it doesn’t. It puts focus on what’s important and obscures what is unnecessary.

Director’s Board puts a strong focus on Art Direction in its productions, finding an aesthetic way to express your ideas. Through Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Photography, Musical Scoring, as well as copy and content development, Director’s Board fine-crafts concepts to bring them to life.



Let our work speak for us.

Our Clients include Citibank, MeadJohnson, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestlé, Ambi Pur, PLDT, Jollibee, Smart Communications, Unilab, Ayala Land, Makati Shangri-La, Toyota, LandCo, Marby Philippines, APEC Schools, Manulife, Samsung, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Puregold, PH Resort, Midea, and Zonrox, among others.

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And cut!

Ask us how we can trim costs and cut timelines on your next project. Call us today and we’ll work on the best time-cost-quality ratio for you.

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